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Thief Complete Edition - AllGames2k
A prophetically catastrophic story set in the uttermost scopes of our planet, in a stark leave scene where humankind is broken, and very nearly everybody is crazed battling for the necessities of life. Inside of this world exist two renegades on the run who could very well have the capacity to restore request. There's Max, a man of activity and a man of few words, who looks for genuine feelings of serenity taking after the loss of his wife and tyke in the fallout of the disorder. Furthermore, Furiosa, a lady of activity and a lady who trusts her way to survival may be accomplished in the event that she can make it over the desert back to her youth country.

Thief Complete Edition - AllGames2k


Venture into the noiseless shoes of Garrett, a dim and forlorn hoodlum with an unrivaled arrangement of abilities. The most difficult heists, the most blocked off plunders, the best kept privileged insights: nothing is out of your compass.


Investigate the debilitated and disturbed City, from its shady back rear ways to the statures of its housetops. Sneak into rich houses, Infiltrate the best-protected chateaus and prowl in every dim corner…  unnoticed and unsanctioned.


Influence Garrett's weapons store to bring down gatekeepers with your blackjack, shoot one of your numerous bolt sorts or utilize your recently gained center capacities to control the earth and beat your foes. What sort of expert hoodlum will you be?

Extraordinary IMMERSION

Turn into one with the world because of weighty visual components and a really material and instinctive first-individual experience. Through stunning Next-Gen specialized potential outcomes, Thief conveys extraordinary submersion through sights, sounds and computerized reasoning.

This Complete Edition includes: Thief (main game) The Bank Heist DLC The Forsaken – Challenge Map DLC Booster Pack – Opportunist DLC Booster Pack – Predator DLC Booster Pack – Ghost DLC Digital Art Book Digital Soundtrack

Download Link : 22.1 GB | (LINKS IN FOLDER)