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Have you ever envisioned about taking care of a true train? Do you jump at the chance to voyage and uncover new intriguing spots and beautiful landscapes from the train's lodge? Provided that this is true, this re-enactment device is your best wager! Here you will have an ideal opportunity to attempt yourself as a motor driver of a substantial cargo prepare and additionally fast traveler prepare, endure correct duplicates of Ukrainian and Russian route tracks in the diversion form of the system that is these days utilized for train driver preparing by colleges and railroad warehouses. Large amount of sensibility and genuine possibilities makes Zdsimulator unequivocally the most reasonable train recreation device.

Assuming that you have past knowledge of beginning, driving and taking care of a train, «professional» challenge mode will give you a chance to experience distinctive and fascinating situations: you might experience different breakdowns and will troubleshoot them by orchestrating jumpers and wedging contacts and so forth. The re-enactment device is greatly instructive. With its help you will have an ideal opportunity to extend your information in physical science and train instruments.
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