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Lose yourself in a tale of enchanting and miracle, where anything is conceivable and where nothing is truly as it appears: join junior Jerry and take after an exceptional white rabbit to the wondrous domain of Mousewood, an area where critters can talk and where riddle flourishes. It is here that Jerry's dream of being a mystical performer works out as expected, however a frightful, sinister energy throws a long shadow over the timberland. Somebody offers the inhabitants of Mousewood a bargain of their lifetime – tickets to the most stupendous mystery show that the planet has ever seen. Anyhow the value is steep, as they'll need to stake their generally valuable belonging and likewise their lives. As the shadows develop deeper, the occupants of Mousewood have just Jerry to turn to. On an experience full of chuckling and tears, delight and alarm, the youthful kid will confront a definitive trial, abandoning the planet he once knew, and his adolescence, too, will turn into a thing of the past.