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After all Hitman Absolution has been released, For those of you counting at house it has been 2368 days since Hitman: Blood Money was released. That’s a very long time between drinks. It’s practically six-and-a-half years. In precise truth the besuited Agent 47 and his barcoded dome have spent the vast bulk of this generation on the sideline. Hitman: Absolution has been a long time coming, a truth followers are acutely aware of. Hitman: Absolution is an intense mixture of serenity and obscenity, its foul-mouthed criminals and grubby henchmen including a layer of thick grime to otherwise quaint small-city streets and heat desert sands. Returning antihero Agent forty seven is a ruthless contrast to both the fantastic thing about his environment and the foul crooks he butts heads with; he's a steadfast and well-dressed killer who finds pleasure in careful planning and clear kills. As soon as once more, he dons his brightly buffed footwear and exercises a combination of stealthy maneuvering and brute power to end the lives of those most deserving of their demises. Not each technique of homicide is as satisfying as you'd need, however Absolution plays well and looks sumptuous.

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