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SimCity 3000 is a city Building Simulation Personal Computer Game and the third installment in the SimCity series. Or we can say it as a Business Game. The game was rereleased and under different names in different regions, such as SimCity 3000 Unlimited (in North America), SimCity 3000 UK Edition (UK & Ireland) and SimCity 3000 World Edition (other countries). This added, among other things, East Asian and European building sets, additional terrain colors and vegetation types, a snapshot feature, an improved version of the Building Architect Tool (a pseudo-3D design tool based on cubes), four additional disasters (such as locusts and space junk), additional landmarks (like the Seoul Tower and Helsinki Cathedral), new reward buildings and thirteen scenarios (along with an editor based on Microsoft Access). Premade cities are also available, including London, Berlin, Madrid, Moscow and Seoul. -

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In 3000, you'll face decisions previously taken for granted. For one thing, you need to worry about garbage. You need to zone for landfill, a necessary evil if you hope to keep your city clean. Just don't expect anybody to live anywhere near your dump. Zone landfill with room to spare, and you'll hear from the mayors of adjacent cities asking you to take some of their share for a fee. You can also sell excess electricity and water to your neighbors, or if you're at the other end of the stick, you can buy these resources from them as well. At other times, petitioners will encourage city ordinances, from a public smoking ban, to homeless sheltering, to parking fines. These have short-term and long-term benefits and disadvantages, and to help you decide whether to enact them or not, you can consult your advisors who'll tell you frankly what they think you should do. Your advisors are good at their jobs - their suggestions are usually right, although once in a while you'll wish to respectfully decline their advice (sure, it's a waste of real estate, but you know you want to build that exclusive country club). You'll know when all such decisions are at stake, or whenever anything's awry in your city, thanks to the convenient news ticker along the bottom of the screen that'll keep you ever-informed, if not in good humor. 

The game is very CoooooooL and plays like it always has. You set up your residential zones, which you keep not too close and not too far from your commercial and industrial zones, and tie everything together with roads, power lines, and plumbing, and maybe rail- and subway. With three zone densities to choose from, you can create suburbs or jam-packed urban jungles as you see fit, though high-density zones are more expensive. In a nice, new touch, you can even create farmland with large plots of low industrial zone along the outskirts of town. As your city grows, you need to provide it with police and fire protection, and with schools and colleges as well as recreational and educational diversions like museums, libraries, and zoos. Of course you need to generate revenue in order to fund growth, and there's no good way to do that without taxes. High tax rates are tempting since they'll leave you with plenty of money to spend, but then again your long-term vision may be for naught if no one's going to stick around to tolerate your exorbitant tax demand...

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