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Download Max Payne 3 Only Crack

Max Payne Max Payne series, a second-generation classic, especially the early generation of unprecedented shock to the old players. Three generations may have made it one of the fans look forward to a long period of time, separated by nearly four years, "Max Payne 3 will launch the latest chapter of a story. Before the protagonist witnessed his wife and daughter were murdered at home, the night in New York through their own means of revenge for his wife and daughter. To paralysis of their own, Max Payne also addicted to the drug addiction, deteriorating physical condition.

How to Install the Crack:

1) Run the "PlayMaxPayne3.exe" than it will be updated (game will start, escape activation and game will exit) 

2) Backup for sure original files 

3) Replace cracked files in the game directory 

4) Run "PlayMaxPayne3.exe" 
5) Register an account at RGSC 
6) Then press "ESC" and play the game 
That's it, tested 3 times on various PC's.

GAME PROVIDER: Rockstar Games