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Download Thumpies FULL-P2P


P2P released the game Thumpies for PC. This game is a lot of fun to play, but gets quite hard the further you advance. I really recommend everyone to try this out, this game based on the mobile platform and is the winner of the Mobile Entertainment Of The Year Award 2010. Now also available for you to play on your PC, just check out the TRAiLER and enjoy this great and fun game!

Description: Thumpies is a unique rhythm based music game for players of all ages. The best way to describe Thumpies is a rhythm game crossed with juggling. Players tap the screen to match the beat of bouncing Thumpies, creating layers of a song. If the player taps the targets in time, their Thump-o-Meter slowly rises, but if the player misses or taps out of time, the meter falls. Unlike typical rhythm based games, Thumpies uses a mechanic of bouncing in time instead of just a series of notes.

  • An odd-ball rhythm game
  • Beautiful yet odd art design
  • Original music
  • Over 15 levels to experience
  • Unlock over 15 unique Thumpies
  • Unique gameplay mechanic
  • Suitable for all ages
Release name: Thumpies_FULL-P2P
Size: 50 MB