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Download Euro Truck Simulator Gold Edition

Players choose their starting country, from Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland. Then players choose their first truck with a budget of €100,000. After this, players can start taking jobs from various fictitious companies and delivering cargo to various cities in their starting country to earn money. This money can then be spent on a new truck, upgrading the current truck, expanding the business to other countries and obtaining a license to drive flammables and chemicals. Nice truck simulation game in the Gold Edition version was introduced. In this version of the game, road network, Europe's largest island of the United Kingdom was also the considerable expansion. London, Newcastle and Manchester in the UK way is going to constitute the three cities. To be able to arrive in England, the French city of Calais ferry ride in a truck and the goods with your bank to have to face. Of course you need to remember here from left to pay attention to traffic flow because of the many countries of the world and is known in our country's direction, the flow of traffic in the UK contrast to the left not the right way according to the preset. New cities are added as well as three other properties in the two shipping companies are more. Also found in road construction site is also important to be careful.

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