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Download Farming Simulator 2011 Platinum Edition

Farming Simulator 2011, the year the best selling PC (yes!), is back in a revised edition and greener. Called Farming Simulator 2011 – Platinum Edition.
The farm management game now offer not only the original game, but also additional content to rival Kazunori Yamauchi Himself. In addition to new vehicles, buildings and equipment, the Platinum version adapts to the many problems of our time with a lot of room left to renewable energy.
This Platinum Edition of one of the best selling PC-simulations 2010, “Farming Simulator 2011”, offers the player even more realistic agricultural gameplay with detailed vehicles and extensions. Next to the popular base game which allows you to experience the real life of a farmer with multiple-player mode, husbandry
and detailed vehicles, you will find the below mentioned new platinum contents. Also included is the following brand-new platinum-feature: Players are now able to generate and sell their own energy with a biogas, a wind and a solar energy plant.
Few simulators on the market are offering such an amount of content in one box! And if this is still not enough for you, you can choose from a multitude of modifications and download them from the web easily.
The “Farming-Simulator 2011 Platinum Edition” is a must-have for every agriculture and technical simulations fan.

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