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Download WWE SmackDown vs RAW 2011 (Nintendo Wii)

Download WWE SmackDown vs RAW 2011 (Nintendo WII) will truly feel like a superstar professional leagues of MMA, giving unprecedented control. Best flight simulator combat in the world, designed for video game systems, next generation, replete with new features, incredible graphics, highly realistic WWE fights in the ring and outside it. You will have to become the best fighter in such disciplines as wrestling. The main task is to eliminate all possible rivals on the way to the first line in the list of the best fighters. The game is equipped with excellent career mode. You will come face to face with the champions, winning their belts. Set also features the regime Story, are called Road to Wrestlemania, where you need to pass the story with one or more competition, performances and so on. For a complete happiness, you can create your sobsvennyh soldiers, in time, improve their abilities, fighting techniques and much more.

Features of the game WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2011:
More than 70 (!!!) real wrestlers under your control! The game will include nearly all active athletes WWE. Each has its own characteristics, dobivkami and abilities. Big and pumped guys will be hard to put on the blades, and beat they will be very silno.Budut wring more limbs, strangling, and some will fight to the last. Others will "eat" the force of screaming fans. Small and brisk wrestlers will be faster to run, evade attacks, and will fight with beautiful corner racks, ladders and ropes.
More than a hundred different styles priemov.Neskolko blows, struggle, conquest. A variety of adaptations to deal with a rival. Crown strikes and finisher! Each wrestler has a number of incredibly entertaining series of strikes and dobivok!
The set of game modes, including the most popular in America, "Money in the Bank" and "Match tables.
Punch the heads of enemies, tables, jump from side racks for recumbent and attain it!
Team matches: You can side by side with a friend or friends udelat stars WWE.
A new graphical dvizhok.Krasiveyshaya schedule will not allow doubt that you are on this ring and beats with real wrestlers!
Create Your Own Star WWE! All you can choose: Height, weight, physique, clothes, scars and tattoos.
You can even create a unique access to the ring before the match with the help of special effects and their music.
Everything worked out in detail, to deliver to every sports fan with a maximum pleasure!
You can even choose the movements of his warriors and lighting ringa.Chto still need to be happy?

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