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Download Drains READNFO

Download Drains READNFO is a sidescrolling action platforming game. The sidescrolling aspect of the game is based on a corridor, the player will be able to freely move around within the corridor.
The game also offers some roleplay elements by allowing the player to gain levels and get more powerful attacks. The player is also able to supplement his battle skills with items bought from the store.
There are a wide range of enemies and bosses in the game, many have their own unique attack styles and skills. The player will need to adapt to each situation if he is to have success.
One day, a man known only as the “King of the Seas” lead a huge army and conquered the undersea world. Not stopping there, he closed the six drains of the world, causing the ocean to steadily flood over everything. With no place to go, the land dwellers are getting hopeless. Now, it’s up to the you to save the day in this action platformer!
Download : FiLESERVE