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Grand Theft Auto III | 670.1MB
Genre: Simulation
The player character has robbed the Liberty City Bank with his girlfriend, Catalina, and a male accomplice.
While running from the scene, Catalina turns to him and utters, "Sorry, babe, I'm an ambitious girl and you ... you're just small-time". She shoots him and leaves him to die in an alley; the accomplice is also seen lying nearby. 

Grand Theft Auto III

It soon becomes apparent that the player character has survived but has been arrested and subsequently found guilty and sentenced to jail. While he is being transferred, an attack on the police convoy aimed at kidnapping an unrelated prisoner sets him free.

Grand Theft Auto III

With the help of fellow escaped prisoner 8-Ball, the player character then takes on work as a local thug and rises in power as he works for multiple rival crime gangs. In the process, Maria, the wife of a local Mafia boss, begins to take a liking to him.

Grand Theft Auto III

System Requirements:
OS: Win 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista
CPU: 800MHz
RAM: 128MB
DirectX: 8.1
32MB Direct3D Video Card
Fully DirectX compatible Sound Card

Download size: 670.1MB

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