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Download Age of Empires III

Download Age of Empires III was a Download remarkable degree of strategy in late 2005 that was closer to our computers the fascinating era of American colonization, this game of Ensemble, but the revolution was not expected in the genre, if we reported numerous hours of brilliant entertainment. This was followed by a remarkable expansion The WarChiefs which gave prominence to the Native Americans.

Now, running the last months of 2007, we have in our hands the second expansion Asian Dynasties Age of Empires III. New features, new campaigns, a multitude of content and some gameplay changes to the formula that help keep the experience fresh.

The pieces on the board

Three new campaigns adorn Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties: Japan, China and India. Japanese live in the missions transition between Dynasty and Tokugawa Shogun Toyotomi, in a fictional China leads first expedition to the virgin America Japan, while the Indian bloc staged the first War of Independence of the eastern country.