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Postal Plus
PC game English Genre: Modern Shooter 175 Mb

Is he insane? Or are they really out to get him? There's no time to think, only time to kill! Welcome to Paradise…Arizona. In this town everybody's out to get you. The only way out is to get them first. You don't have time to think. What comes next is purely instinctive and brutal. Survival is the key. Kill or be killed are the rules and you are not prepared to become just another controversial statistic. Blast, shoot and fire bomb your way through 16 third-person perspective action packed locations, varying from a small town to a heavily guarded military complex. Is it a conspiracy or plain insanity pushing you through this? You can't afford to get too crazy. You're going over the edge. Your brain switches on and off like a demented light switch. It's too late. You've gone POSTAL.