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Download Marooned 2: Secrets of the Akoni(2010/ENG/FINAL)

Marooned 2: Secrets of the Akoni(2010/ENG/FINAL) 166.25 MB

Description: In the first game's heroine, Maisie Black, comes to life on a deserted island and could not remember who she is and how this turned out. Exploring the island, she realized that she got here not by chance but as a result of betrayal, and the only way to salvation is connected with the mysteries of ancient people, known as aconite, and a mysterious crystal, known simply as a resource. The stakes are especially high, as in the new game Macy first met face to face betrayed her man. The irony is that it should unite with their enemies in battle with an even greater evil and try to take over balance of resources in order to prevent the terrible secret Akoni became known worldwide and led to the destruction.

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