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Download Deadly Sin (PC)

Deadly Sin (PC)
PC Game Eng 147.11 Mb
Genre : RPG

Deadly Sin is a 30+ hour fantasy RPG.
Notable features include:

- 100% original soundtrack using high-end VSTs, such as Eastwest Symphonic Orchestra, and Eastwest Ministry of Rock. See website for music player!
- Original custom battle system with attractive, animated player characters
- Threat system: Allows player characters to draw attacks by having higher threat, or vice versa. Threat is gained through damage, healing, and various abilities.
- In depth skill point system: Each PC has a unique skill tree. Invest skill points gained from battle or other means to gain passive and active skills.
- Monster nodes: Every map with random encounters can have the encounters turned off by finding the monster node, which also rewards skill points.

Download :