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Download Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2 (PS2)

Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2 (PS2)
Platform: PS2 Language: English Region: NTSC Type: DVD ISO 3.53 GB
Genre: Music

Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2 (hereinafter referred to DDR) is the largest series included in the so-called family Bemani-games. To date, all official versions of DDR are more than 1000 different songs.

The game is played on the dance platform with four panels: up, down, left and right. " During gameplay the screen moves a sequence of arrows, which corresponds to the rhythm sing songs. The player must press their feet to the music corresponding to the panel at a time when the hands coincide with the semi-cliche, usually located at the top of the screen. For every right clicking the player gradually replenishes the level of "scale of life." For each slip of the scale is taken away a certain amount of energy. Round is lost if a player at least once during the passage of the song allowed decline in "scale of life" to zero.