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Download Dave Mirra BMX Challenge

Publisher: Crave
Developer: Left Field
Genre: Racing
Release Date: Nov 2, 2006
Language: English
Type: .CSO
Size: 169 MB


You might have to go back a few years to prove it, but there was a time when the equation "Dave Mirra + video games = sweet" was true. A couple of excellent-playing Game Boy Advance Dave Mirra titles were the best of the bunch, but the Xbox and PlayStation 2 have both seen decent games starring the famed BMX biker. Unfortunately, Dave Mirra BMX Challenge for the PlayStation Portable is another in a line of more recent Mirra-themed games that simply aren't worth your time or money.
BMX Challenge features a couple of single-player modes, including exhibition, quickplay, and a career mode that is laughably short. Career mode is split between two series: race events and trick events. The race events are incredibly simple, and even after finishing the novice mode and graduating to the pro difficulty level, only the most uncoordinated player will come in at anything less than second place. With some dedication, you can finish both difficulty levels in around two hours, and then it's time to move on to the trick series.