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Call of Duty Black Ops III Eclipse DLC-RELOADED

In the latest episode of the Zombies experience, the Origins characters head to ‘Zetsubou No Shima’, a tropical island where experiments with Element 115 have created horrors beyond belief.
Battle your way through four stunning Black Ops III Multiplayer environments: Spire, Knockout, Verge and Rift.
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Download Acorn Assault Rodent Revolution

The squirrels of the forest are poorer grew more starved each day that passes thanks to the tyrant King Lois the Umpteenth. It is up to you to raise an army to overthrow the king and set the world right again. Embark on an nutty journey filled with a strange cast of characters through a historically inaccurate retelling of the French Revolution with squirrels. If you are a fan of turn based strategy games and want something different from the status quo, this game is for you. The deceptively simple to learn rules of the game lead to a varied set of strategies that you can employ to defeat your enemy and march on.
Release Name: Acorn.Assault.Rodent.Revolution-POSTMORTEM
Size: 697 Mb 

Download Assassins Creed Chronicles India

The second entry in the Assassin’s Creed Chronicles saga takes place in India, 1841, where tensions between the Sikh Empire and the East India Company are escalating quickly. Become Arbaaz Mir, Master Assassin who must rescue his love from the clutches of his sworn enemies and recover what was stolen from the brotherhood.
The game follows Arbaaz Mir in Amritsar 1841, in the midst of a war between the Sikh Empire and the East India Company, two years after the events of the graphic novel Assassin’s Creed: Brahman. Arbaaz must recover the famed Koh-i-Noor diamond, a powerful Piece of Eden that used to belong to the Assassin Brotherhood from a newly arrived Master Templar. While doing so, he must also protect his Mentor, Hamid, and his lover, princess Pyara Kaur.

Size: 3.2GB 


Download Cricket Captain 2015 Cracked

Cricket Captain has long been hailed as the best cricket simulation game ever created and the upcoming launch of Cricket Captain 2015 will take the experience to an all-new level.
New and improved for Cricket Captain 2015: Indian Domestic System: play as any one of 27 teams in all three formats. Improved Australian Contracts: bidding between states and reserve overseas players. Versus International Stats: career stats for each player against each country. Enhanced Coaching: new fielding and wicket keeping coaching system. Pitch Map and Beehive: additional graphical stats displays, giving you more information than ever on player performances. Improved Match Engine: modelling aggression and changes to 1-day and first class games. New Stadiums: five Australian and eight English international grounds. Classic England v’s Australia Scenarios: six series home or away. Improved Fonts and Interface: refreshed interface and sharper graphics on all displays. Improved 3D graphics: new rendering and lighting system, including depth of field, shadows and animated crowds. Complete Statistical Update: including every current player and new ‘all-time-greats’. Sort by Column & Name Search in Player Records and Squad Views: including multiple sorts e.g. batting average and strike rate. Save/Load for International Squads: Automatic saving and loading of International Squads for each match type make squad selection seamless. 2nd Team Data: separate 3 day, 1 day and 20 over team data to help you choose bespoke teams to best suit the format. Batting Aggression Column: Personal and combined views now display batting aggression ratings making decisions even easier. Keyboard Control System: including batting keyboard controls. Additional Achievements and Leader-Boards. Cloud-save: cross platform integration of Dropbox enables you to pick up any save from where you left off on any CC2015 enabled device. Stay On-Line: accept on-line challenges while in single player mode.
Publisher: KISS ltd
Developer: Childish Things
Genre: Simulation, Sports
Release name: Cricket.Captain.2015
Size: 272MB
Download: (Click here to Download)